So What the Heck is A Health Coach, Anyway?

The information is out there. You can google it. The media talks about it. Most people have access to the straightforward actions they can take to help them attain better health.

Eat more fruits and veggies

So if the information is easily available, why are Americans experiencing more obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and mood disorders?

We live in a society that encourages us to live in a way that keeps us from easily doing the simple things that we need to do for our health. We live in a world where “fast food” is a bacon cheeseburger, not a piece of fruit. Where the drink of choice has 10 tablespoons of sugar and caramel coloring, instead of water, which comprises almost 70% of our bodies. Where people drive to work, park as close as possible and sit at a desk all day. Where our doctors receive only a couple of courses in nutrition. Where our bodies are seen as separate from our minds and spirits.

A nutritionist or dietitian may give someone a meal plan or a list of specific foods to eat, perhaps encourage them to get some exercise. But then they go home with this list and then what? Many times, people end up going back to their old habits. Why? Maybe because it’s easy to do, or they don’t know how to cook, or maybe they don’t value themselves enough to make the time and effort it takes to do cook, maybe because they don’t know where to start.

I also recognize that the list above is a starting place, it’s not always the end of the work. That’s where the concept of bio-individuality comes into play. Bio-individuality just means that every body is different and different things may work for different people. But you won’t know till you experiment, learn to listen to your body, and unlearn bad habits accumulated over time.

I, as an Integrative Nutrition health coach, begin where most nutritionists and dietitian stop. I can support you in implementing small and powerful changes for your physical, emotional, mental and emotional health. All these facets are connected. You can eat kale every day, but if you aren’t happy, are you truly healthy? If yFRUITou are not feeding your body good food, are you setting yourself up to be more tired and cranky? If you feel unworthy of love, are you going to take the time to make yourself a good, home-cooked meal? All these factors need to be considered as your journey towards better health.

Ultimately, Integrative Nutrition Health coaching is a reality-based way of obtaining better health.

I also believe that we humans have the innate ability to heal ourselves. We are taught to ignore our body’s signals for hunger, food, sleep. Health coaching helps you to learn listen to yourself once again. While there are many universals on how we take care of ourselves, we are also unique. You are your own best health experiment- together, we come up with ideas to improve your health, plan out how it will be easiest for you to try out that idea, and then we test it out. What you leave with is a personalized road map to health.

Are you ready to start your journey? I can be your guide on the side. Sign up for your complementary health coaching session today!

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