Don’t Be a Hater: Learn to Love New Foods

Since your taste buds change, that means you can change your taste!
Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

Fun Fact: The lifespan of a taste bud is 10 days. Pretty cool but what does that mean? It means this trick of nature allow yous to learn to love new flavors and foods if you give it time.

So if the idea of kale or beets or other bitter foods make you cringe, know there are things you can do to turn that frown upside down.

Experiment with more of the foods you currently do not enjoy.

I remember not liking wine the first time I tried it, but it grew on me. When you try a new and unfamiliar flavor enough, you may develop a liking to it. While your taste buds have a lifespan of 10 days, they don’t all change over at once, so you want to give it about 3 weeks.

Credit:Precision Nutrition

On the flip side, it you want to reduce your sugar and salt intake, eat less for 3 weeks and foods prepared the way you were eating them three weeks earlier will taste over-salted or too sweet for your taste.

Be around those who love the foods you are learning to love

The context of where you eat your meal matters. If you are around others who love kale salad, you are more likely to enjoy your kale. If you are hanging out with your buddies that love nothing mor

e than chowing down on cheeseburgers, that kale is going to seem totally lame. Place

yourself in situations where the healthier food choice is seen as desirable.

Pair the foods you are learning to love with other foods you already love. 

Take your favorite seasonings and topping from other meals and add that to your kale. Your brain will start to associate the foods you have difficulty with the foods you love.

Here is a handy-dandy guide that can help you mix and match different flavorings with different bitter greens.

You can also add in little bits to the foods you like that are similar. For example, if you like spinach, you can start adding a little bit of other greens like kale.

Go to the Farmers Market!
The fresher the veggie, the sweeter it will be. Most veggies in the grocery store are older by nature, since its been shipped from farther away and can sit on the shelf for a few days before it’s bought and cooked. Farmer’s market produce is often picked the day of or the day before.

I hope these tips help in allowing you to venture into learning to love new foods that promote your health and well-being! Feel free to answer questions or share your experience below. Bon appetit!


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