Developing Resilience In Service to the Movement for Black Lives

The movement for Black Lives is alive and well in case your feed is not reflecting the reality. While Black folx are leading the movement, it is up to us white folx to tackle white supremacy (which exists within and without).

If we have a choice as to whether to engage, we have privilege, And if we have white privilege, we need to use our privilege by engaging.

Every moment that I do not use my privilege, I am not being ant-racist, which means I am being racist. I am racist most of the day. And while that is a harsh reality, and there are many reasons and other priorities that we have to not being an anti-racist, we need to do the best we can. To stay in the fire of discomfort, to let the discomfort make us stronger and more focused, to help us speak up when we can, take action when we can. In obvious and subtle ways. This is spiritual practice.

If you are not sure what to do as a white person, you can start by changing your mindset from a fixed one to one of growth. See the image above for some concrete examples.

Here is one list of things white people can do- its pretty tame so if you are not even doing any of these things, then start here.

Another recommendation I will strongly make here is to support Black-owned businesses and to follow local Black leaders.

In Boone NC: You can “like” Black in Boone, Ashe County Black Lives Matter and Small and Mighty Acts Community Group on Facebook to get more involved. Feel free to list other ways to get involved in the comments.

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