About Integrative Nutrition

My tathe-circle-of-lifeke on some of the key aspects of Integrative Nutrition that I especially love.

    • Bio-individuality: the idea there’s no one right diet that works for everyone all of the time. I do encourage most of my clients to move towards a more plant-based diet. We will work together to discover what works best for you!
  • Primary Foods:  Integrative Nutrition takes a holistic approach to achieve optimal health on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. The foods we put in our mouth is no doubt vital to our health, and Integrative Nutrition views this type of food as “secondary”. What feeds and nourishes your soul- those aspects of life are know as “primary foods”. What is the point of being healthy if not to fully enjoy and engage in your life?If you eat healthy and are unhappy, what’s the point. Check out the Circle of Life to see what aspects we may focus on.
  • 90/10 rule: Integrative Nutrition is not about strictly adhering to a “perfect” diet and lifestyle. Allowing ourselves the space to occasionally “bend the rules” can help “choose” the healthiest options more often. When we don’t allow some freedom and flexibility, we allow room for binging and craving and the consequent shame to rule us.
  • Your body knows what it needs: Being deeply heard, being asked the right questions, allowing silence and stillness are all part of the approach to allow your inner voice to be speak. You are your own best laboratory and its by experimenting with your own unique biochemistry will you know what works best for you.