Copy of YOGA RETREAT (1)Sunday, June 25 Root to Rise: A Mini-Retreat for Engaged Citizens

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Do you desire soul-centered support as you work to create the world in which you wish to live? Are you overcome with anger or other emotions that cloud your vision and make you less effective in your efforts? Are you willing to go deep and listen to what your body and soul have to say? Join me for this intimate retreat!

I am offering this at a sliding scale in order to make this affordable to those who are called to this retreat. Please pay what you can in order to make this retreat affordable to all.

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Contact me if you are interested in hosting these or other health-related workshops in your community or organization!

Self-care is never a selfish act- it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have. – Palmer Parker

The Art & Science of Self-Care

In this 3 to 4 hour workshop, we journey through self reflection, group sharing, science and humor to discover and create our own personalized self-care plan. We learn how habits are formed and explore what we each need in order to create resiliency in our lives.

If the workshop is done for a place of business or non-profit, we will also discuss how the organization can support  individual and group self-care.

When you are cooking, you aren’t just cooking… you’re also working on yourself, you’re working on other people. – Edward Espe Brown

From Heart to Table: The Mindful Kitchen

Mindful cooking allows us to prepare and eat meals in a more relaxed and joyful manner. In this 2 hour workshop, we explore how to make our kitchens (and ourselves) more physically, mentally and emotionally prepared and excited to make meals for ourselves and our families. From exploring our attitudes about cooking, setting up our kitchen, going food shopping, preparing and serving our food, to sitting down to eat, you will leave with the tools you need to enjoy and appreciate your kitchen more!